Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Ethan's first word

I am a terrible blogger and an even worse journal keeper. But I recently started reading the most inspiring mommy blog. She was so positive and loving and was able to cherish the precious mothering moments that all us mommies experince. So it made me want to write more often and point out AND CHERISH the little things that I experience with Ethan and Jared.

Most recently is a very very VERY cherished moment. It warms my heart just thinking about it. Ethan said his very first word! And what was it you might ask???? IT WAS "MA-MA"!

Oh, how it warms my heart to hear that from Ethan's sweet teething mouth. Of course he doesn't know what it means and the entire first day when he said it, it was only as he was whining. So he has been making "grandpa gums" to make his growing teeth to feel better (i think), and there only a few words you can say with your mouth like this and not using your tongue and "ma-ma" is one of them. Nonetheless HE SAID MAMA and I am one proud mama.

He now says it when he is not so grumpy because he gets such a big response from me. Jared, on the other hand, says it doesn't count as his first word. I guess it won't count for him until he says "da-da"

Here is one of the first times he said it.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our new little family!

It has been a long long long time since I have made a REAL post on our blog. Now that I am a mommy that really wants to show off her cutie pie I have much more to write about and much more to post about. I wont bore you too much. Pictures are the best part of blogs!

We have been blessed with the sweetest cutest little boy in the world. He sleeps enough to let mommy and daddy rest at 4 hour increments during the night, barely cries at all and is just so darn cute it wouldn't matter if he did. The picture above is right after the delivery! We are so proud and so happy to have Ethan in our lives. I didn't start crying until I saw Jared(picture below)! He is just such a proud father it is amazing!

We don't have money for newborn pictures! After all Jared is a student and we just had a baby! So I decided to take my own pictures. It was quite the adventure trying to get lighting right (which it never did since the sun was moving away from the windows :( and the greatest adventure was him peeing and pooping on every clean sheet we owned. Haha! I definitely respect new born photographers that much more. It is well earned money! I'm still playing with color and things but here are some poses we did. Definitely not professional but a fun learning process and fun memories!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Estate Sale

Created for people in Atlanta to Link up to from Craigslist.

Art Deco Bed $50

Art Deco Vanity $50
Hutch $150
Dining Room Table and 6 chairs $150

Sewing Table $20


 End Table (2) $15 each

Brass Fire Extinguisher Antique Lamp $300

 Console Stereo $20

 Chair $5

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Bun in the Oven

Yep! It's true. We have a bun in the oven! And we are now officially 12 weeks along and still soooo excited. My due date is August 16! Keep checking for more posts and updates!

Just a funny story... I took the test alone because I couldn't wait for Jared to get home from school! So, I decided to tell Jared in a creative way. I put a hotdog bun in our oven and told Jared to check the oven when he got through the door. He was so excited, expecting a yummy baked good. He didn't get it at first but once the bun in the oven clicked he was so excited.

This will be the first grand baby from Jared's family and the fourth in mine. We are beyond thrilled and nervous to bring a special child of God into the world.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love Story: Our Engagement Part 3 of Eternity

When Jared realized he couldn’t live without her, he decided to do something about it.  He put a ring on it. They took a while to pick out the ring. She wanted small and simple, he wanted something gaudy and noticeable from far away for all the admirers. They found a good mix of both. A diamond ring with a two-sided profile covered with lots of bling.

He told her the ring wouldn’t be ready for another week because he was too busy with finals. Megan fell for it easily because she didn’t see a time he could of actually picked up the ring... he was always with her. She was nonetheless upset that he didn’t “have his priorities straight.” Priorities being her! He decided to take Megan on a blast to the past date and his reasoning was, “you say I’m never romantic, so I wanted to do this tonight.” She bought it! They started where it all began… the MTC. They acted as a newly married  couple investigators for the missionaries. Then they headed to the duck pond, to feed some not so hungry ducks. Jared took a flashback picture of the same shot he got so many months before and stalled for another hour until his brother gave him word that the next step was ready. Megan insisted they discuss where they were going to eat because she was so hungry and knew they usually take forever to decide. Jared just said, “ We will discuss that later.” That’s when she knew something was up. They went to grab a coat and entered Jared’s apartment to see a blanket and picnic ready to go.  Jared’s twin brother gave him a pep talk in their room and off the couple went to the most romantic spot on earth… the park where they had their first kiss. They laid the blanket down in the exact spot and ate rotisserie chicken, potato salad, rolls and chocolate covered strawberries. Megan thought he was being suspicious and that it could be the moment. But Jared ended the date by saying, “it’s getting cold, we should go.” Darnit! She thought. They picked up, folded the blanket and when Megan turned around from throwing things in the trash 20 meters away, Jared was kneeling on the folded blanket but not on one knee... on both!
 “For sure, now he is going to!” she thought, but he just kept jabbering about the day and finals and his Lacrosse trip. “Maybe not.” Then he nervously, but so cutely, got to the point, he talked about how happy he has been since she came into his life pulled out the ring and asked her to make him happy for all eternity. She said YES!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Part 2 of 3 The "Wonderful" Life of Dating

Right after Jared came home from his mission, he looked Megan up on Facebook. They began talking and he didn’t take long to ask for the digits. But it took a while for him to use them wisely. They texted for a couple more weeks until Jared got the courage to call Megan on the phone! She was in the middle of her car trip to Provo for the school year. They ended up talking hours over the phone through Wyoming and Nebraska. They basically picked up right where they left off over two years before.
Jared shyly asked Megan on a group date with his roommate. Megan said it was adorable how nervous he was when he asked. They made Fajitas, went to a concert at Sammy’s CafĂ© and watched Night at the Museum 2. Megan remembers how cute he was during the movie; they just slouched down and talked the whole time. She started to see more than friendship at that moment. It took Jared a lot longer to realize this. They went on a couple more dates: to the duck pond to feed the ducks and to Diego’s Tacos to devour authentic Mexican food (he oddly made her pay, she thought it was weird but he now says he was just trying to pull out his wallet). After that, Megan invited him on a few other dates when he decided he couldn’t go and actually stood her up one night. She had enough, especially when he called to ask for advice about a girl he’d been dating. He asked Megan to become his best friend and “hitch.” Megan said, “I already have a best friend,” and backed away. She was too nice to turn away forever and did become the hitch. They went on friend dates (Dutch) every Friday to discuss the boys or girls they were dating separately. 

The planets aligned and the fireworks finally exploded after Jared saw Megan with a boy she started to date seriously, maybe too much for him to handle. They discussed their friendship that same night after Megan’s friend went home and they both agreed they liked each other. The next day was a meteor shower and Jared decided to take Megan into the freezing cold and watch the stars. Little did HE know that’s exactly how to oooo and aaaa Megan. He hesitantly kissed her that night too timid to scare her away; he knew many boys had done that before. They fell in love after many more late nights of talking and talking and more talking. They became best friends, and it was nearly impossible to live without the other.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Day They Met- Part 1 of 3 in our lovestory

The day it all started was the same day another milestone in their lives beganthe mission. They reported to the MTC July 18, 2011. Jared says he still remembers when the cute sister with curly blonde hair walked into the classroom. They became friends instantly. In class discussions they fed off of each other’s common missionary experiences and soon enough they began to walk and sit next to each other at every meal and devotional.
Don’t worry, it wasn’t romantic… Megan had a boyfriend and Jared had a girlfriend.  But there was a special friendship. Megan wrote in her journal about how much she loved his smile and how kind he was. She missed him dearly when she left for the Dominican Republic only three short weeks later. It was hardly enough time to fall in love, but it was enough time to make an impression